Cementitious Wood Fiber Panels

Since 2000, Acoustex Specialty Products has produced Acoustex-Plank acoustic panels for the building sector.
Due to its simple composition of wood and cement, our product is increasingly preferred as a reliable and thoroughly tested product, recognized as contributing to a healthy indoor climate.
Acoustex-Plank acoustic panels are asbestos-free as well as being free of mineral wool fibres.
Technical advances in the production process have led to Acoustex-Plank acoustic panels being suited to almost any type of construction. In particular, the panels have gained a footing within schools, exhibition centers, industrial buildings, leisure and aquatic centers. Acoustex-Plank blend of Portland cement and wood fiber make this product the only cementitious panel that is totally resistant to moisture.
Acoustex-Plank is CAN/ULC S-102 tested and certified.

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Acoustex-Plank Data Sheet
Acoustex-Plank Wall and Ceiling Panel Specifications
Acoustex-Plank Blade/Baffle Data Sheet
Acoustex-Plank Sound Absorption Data
Acoustex Plank Line Data Sheet

Acoustex Plank
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